Ghetto Gaggers Baby Momma Day

Published on May 18, 2023 by DegradedGirls

Another one of our creations, bred for Vaccinated Vandal. On this special day he poured a massive amount into her cooch. She’ll probably be pregnant again soon. I wonder how many black girls have already had babies from the sessions at Ghetto Gaggers – they wanted a light-skinned baby so bad, according to what some people on Black Twitter are saying. This girl took white dick in all her holes and was double penetrated until she became unrecognizable to us and maybe even herself. They put an anal hook in her ass, connected it to her collar so she couldn’t move as they bent her body to present the perfect view of her ass. When the semen began gushing out of her pussy, they gave her more cum shots that she reluctantly consumed with embarrassment, knowing how much of a slut she was being.

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