Facial Abuse Bred And Spread

Published on June 1, 2023 by DegradedGirls

I’m quite taken with this woman. I find her very attractive, particularly her thick, juicy clitoris. Her vulva is exactly the type of vagina that I enjoy the most. You know those pussies that seem to want to burst out of their swimsuit bottoms? That’s what she has. The Vaccinated Vandal grabbed her by the pussy and thrust into it remorselessly until he impregnated her like a piece of property. Then Bootleg subdued her with a spreader and some slaps from a whip designed specifically for sluts. They exposed her to double penetration, which she thanked them for afterward. In addition, they put some effort into pleasuring her throat as well. Her face was hammered repeatedly and she seemed happy just to be given attention. Bootleg contorted into a figure-four leg lock so tight that it felt like she had enlisted in the military. When they were all finished depositing their semen onto her pretty face and gelled hair, she devoured it like a snack.

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Facial Abuse

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