Black Payback Dick Downed Defined

Published on May 14, 2023 by DegradedGirls

Here is a white woman, her face flushed from exertion and arousal, kneeling in front of a large black man. He towers over her, and his hands on her shoulders anchor her in place as he thrusts forward and shoves his cock into her mouth. She takes it easily despite its size, giving it all the head she can muster until tears stream down her face and spit pools in the corners of her mouth. Her fingers dig into his thighs for balance, but she does not pull away or try to escape. Instead she gasps for breath when his cock slips out of her mouth and picks up speed as he fucks her face faster than before. A red handprint stands out against the white skin at the base of his cock where she grips him, proving how hard she works to take every inch that he has to offer. When she finally pulls back with a gasp, she spits jizz onto the ground near their feet.

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Black Payback

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